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Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals are one of the widely demanded metals across the world. The word ferrous means any component which is either iron or steel. In other words, ferrous is used as an adjective for indicating the presence of iron. Various raw materials for ferrous metal are metallurgical coal or coke, iron ore lumps, sponge iron, pellets, fines and pg iron. Somme of the flat products of ferrous metals are HR coils, plates, steel, sheets, galvanise coated sheets, tin, corrugated sheets etc. Apart from this, ferrous metals are also used in channels, beams, angles, pipes, wires, stainless steel, rods and wires. Thus, our products are highly demanded in engineering and infrastructure.


Flat Products

  • - Hot Rolled Coils
  • - Cold Rolled Coils
  • - Coated Products:
    • - Galvanised Coils
    • - Prepainted-Galvanised Coils
    • - Aluzinc Coils
  • - Hot Rolled Plates
Long Products
  • - Rebars / Debars
  • - Profiles
  • - Pipes
Semi Finished Products
  • - Slabs
  • - Billets